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What being an entrepreneur is about
Bruno Lowagie
iText Group
"In my spare time, I was constantly working on projects that never amounted to anything."
Taking the lead in data governance
Felix Van de Maele
"For our first four years, no one had even the slightest idea of what we were doing."
I want to build Google for industry
The internet infrastructure
Jonas Dhaenens
Combell Group
"We are growing each year, both organically and thanks to acquisitions"
I want to build Google for industry
Bert Baeck
"Using TrendMining as a verb — the way we use 'to Google' today — would be the highest form of praise."
Work smarter, not harder
Jeroen De Wit
"My goal is to build a strong brand that people identify with. A brand they can be proud of."
Evolution - not revolution
Jorik Rombouts
"Everybody wants change but nobody wants to change."


Making epileptic absence seizures visible
Tim Buckinx
"My son, my inspiration"
The patient at the centre of digital health
Vincent Keunen
"The idea for Andaman7 originated from my own personal experiences."
Smart committed money is what you need
Checking heart rhythms on your smartphone
Bieke Vangorp & Lars Grieten
"75% of the strokes can be prevented by early detection."
Automated molecular diagnostics
Wouter Uten & Steven Verhoeven
"One should not be afraid to spend money to keep your business in order."
Smart committed money is what you need
Hans Constandt
"You don't get a second chance in a startup."
Business intelligence in global poultry production
Kristof Mertens
"Sir Richard Branson once commented on our pitch: 'Kristof, this is a no-brainer. If you ever need money, call me'."
We want to change the world
We want to change the world
Jonathan Berte
"Electricity democratized energy. The Internet democratized knowledge. Deep learning democratizes expertise. And blockchain will democratize trust."
Connected mobility
Wim Iliano
"You have to eat your own dog food. By developing our own brand, we know the pros and cons of our platform and we know what the end users expect from it."
Sustainability – a buzzword put into practice
Yves Van Ingelgem
"Use your resources efficiently, gain insights into the lifespan of your structures, and make sure they are built to last."
Eco stands for economy as much as for ecology
Maarten Michielssens
"Entrepreneurship is top sport. A marathon with a lot of sprints in between."


Video is booming business
Lorenzo Bown
"StoryMe makes complicated things simple."
Technology is for improving our lives
Dieter Desmet, Georges Lieben & Jannes Van de maele
"Increasingly, data is today's real business. Tangible products are a means to collect that data."
A technical content distribution standard for VR and AR
Your personal coach in your pocket
Tim Clauwaert
"Ideally, every company should continuously be in startup mode."
Dare to dream
Wannes Vanspranghe
Around Media
"I think about the future far more often than I think about the present."
A technical content distribution standard for VR and AR
Leen Segers
"We don't just market a product, we sell accessibility."
Our strategy? Simplicity.
Maarten Vanlaere
"Because we let customers pay upfront, we probably miss out on deals, but I'd rather lose a deal than my company."
We disrupt our customers' business with artificial intelligence
Nicolas Deruytter
"You get the best outcome when combining the human touch with hi-tech."
Mobility as a service
Frederik De Witte
"Our product is a cloud-based, customizable software platform that helps companies to manage their fleet and assets."


Customer care is the new marketing
Hannah Albarece
"When all restaurants appear the same, it is your online customer care that can set you apart."
Video technology business going public
Brendon Grunewald
"If we were the only ones doing this I would be concerned about market size and potential."
Stories can help you make difficult things easy
By engineers, for engineers
Bob Seghers & Hendrik Eeckhaut
"We focus on the engineer, not on the chip, and help him focus on the design, not the language."
Insurance as a service
Jean-Charles Velge & Quentin Colmant
"We were InsurTech before the word even existed."
Breaking through in financial markets
Dominique Adriansens
"We grow faster in countries where we have more competition."
Stories can help you make difficult things easy
Katya Vladislavleva
"Technology has changed everything, but not human nature. We communicate through stories, not through models or algorithms."
Financial data on your customers
Toon Vanagt
"We are unique in that we do textmining to get the meaning out of the published."
To present anytime anywhere
Keep your friends close and your competition closer
Ingrid Willems
"In order to get ahead of the competition, organizations need to understand what their competitors are doing and how their competitive environment is evolving over time."
To present anytime anywhere
Peter Ryckaert & Hans Romaen
"Don't underestimate the way in which professional education organizations all over the world invest in new ways of learning that are location based, yet no longer location fixed."
When accuracy matters
Samuel Van de Velde & Vadim Vermeiren
"A significant part of our sales cycle consists of proving to our prospects that our technology is indeed accurate within 10 centimeters."
We offer our employees complex problems
Ewout Meyns & Mattias Putman
"In hindsight I must say we were a little naïve."
The end of mass production
Gijs Hoppenbrouwers & Martijn Joris
"Our goal is to demonstrate another way to produce: on demand and tailor-made."
Balancing art and science
HR deserves great software
Michiel Crommelinck & Michiel Bearelle
"In the future we hope to act as the virtual HR assistant providing predictive analytics."
Excellent IoT for industrial processes
Laurence Claeys & Kristoff Van Rattinghe
"There are a lot of bias against investors; that they only speak Excel, for example. But our experience was very different."
Desktop as a service
Benny Willen & Jeffrey Meesemaecker
"In Belgium prospects often ask us why they should move to the cloud, whereas in the US, the UK and The Netherlands we never get this question: the cloud is just obvious."
Balancing art and science
Jonas de Cooman & Michel de Wachter
"It's when all is going wrong and 99% of the people would give up, whereas you push through and find a solution."

made in belgium!

Talent is overrated
Karel Goetghebeur
Adolphe Sax & Cie
"I would restore the name Adolphe Sax and the saxophone, a Belgian invention, to its former glory."
Clothing with added value
Jasna Rokegem
Jasna Rok
"Creating the ultimate garment is my life mission."
When you say Antwerp, we say diamonds
Steven Boelens & Stefaan Mouradian
"It took two years of preparation to get our first paying Japanese customer."
Gateway to success in the US
Bieke Claes
"Americans, as individuals, tend to focus on looking up at the blue sky, beyond the obstacles."