belgium's cutting edge entrepreneurs

A great sneak preview in the near future

belgium's cutting edge entrepreneurs is a book about entrepreneurs full of first-hand authentic testimonials and insights. About their cutting-edge business ideas. About thinking ahead and building tomorrow's economy today. About changing the world and conquering it. About growing. Because cutting-edge entrepreneurs grow remarkably fast. Exceptionally fast, even. Their average growth over the past year amounts to 150%.

Eric Kenis
Author belgium's cutting edge entrepreneurs
'My business? Entrepreneurship as a service!'

Eric Kenis has an eye for exceptional entrepreneurs and continuously supports new entrepreneurial initiatives. Thanks to his years of experience, he knows how to put together an entrepreneurial dream team. Besides that, he surrounds young teams with the right advisors.

Eric has written a series of three books in Flemish called 'Hoek Af', in which extraordinary Belgian entrepreneurs are interviewed. His latest book, belgium's cutting edge entrepreneurs, showcases an elaborate selection of testimonials about entrepreneurs, their venture and the startup culture.

Eric carries out many other entrepreneurial projects for customers like City of Ghent, Ghent University, Voka, Unizo and ING Belgium. He's a columnist, a professional advisor and a matchmaker, but most of all he's an authentic counselor for many of Belgium's young commercial talents.

Hoek Af

In the previous years Eric wrote 3 books in Flemish in the Hoek Af series. They all testify about the near future of our economy, our business models, our organization and society.
21 buitengewone ondernemers
On the entrepreneurial roller coaster and the entrepreneurs' blood, sweat and tears.

Released in December 2015
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de kroonjuwelen
On our most ambitious, cutting-edge and fastest growing ventures - our crown jewels.

Released in June 2017
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balls & brains
On entrepreneurship in times of data, AI, IoT & machine learning.

Released in March 2018
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